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Test Development

A lot more goes into planning an exam program than just writing a few questions. Reliability and validity and fairness should be established right from the start to creating a sound exam.

Whether it’s an academic, admission, certification or licensure exams, government, regulatory, or recruitment initiatives, TestFlex can help you develop programs that are relevant, psychometrically sound and legally defensible.

TestFlex employing best-practices within the testing space that will help you develop exams that comply with recognized domestic or international standards.

Test Delivery

Testflex offers an assessment delivery platform that can ensure that the whole assessment process is efficient, transparent, scalable and robust to handle volume of data and manage the assessment process end to end in a distributed environment.

We offer an assessment solution that is flexible, modular, rule based and user-friendly as well. The solution is innovative in terms of technology offering and technology delivery by making it available on the cloud, mobile app and on BYOD. The solution has options for cross platform integration, thereby making it work seamlessly on Windows, Android and iOS platforms

Test Centres

TestFlex operates approximately 20 secure, proctored computer-based testing sites across the Nigeria. Our Certified proctors covers all tasks from candidate check-in, creating a secure, standardized testing environment to dealing with irregularities and issuing score reports.

Our Test Delivery services provide client partners and their test takers many advantages, including:

Convenient locations
Consistent test experiences for test takers
Customizable test presentations
Robust item type options
Professional test center administrators

Our Certified proctors covers all tasks from candidate check-in, creating a secure, standardized testing environment to dealing with irregularities and issuing score reports.


Testflex offer assessment content for customers to analyze skills and identify gaps.

  •    Aptitude Test
  •   Office English placement Test
  •    Employability Skills Test
  •    Workforce Development Assessment
  •   Custom Assessment

Remote Proctoring

Remote Proctoring allows test takers to take an exam from any location, whilst ensuring the integrity of the test. Our Customers can choose from our remote proctoring options - Live Real Time Proctoring, Record & Review and Automated Incident Flagging.

Live Real-Time Proctoring

In Real-Time Proctoring, an experienced proctor invigilates the candidates’ activities and monitors audio, video and screenshare feeds in real-time. With this option, the proctoring service provider requires an individual to sit in a remote location to monitor students’ activities, ensuring student authentication, and preventing any irregular activity. Proctors can communicate with candidates via a chat box and issue time-stamped flags for reports.

Record & Review

The Record & Review option allows more time flexibility since there is no live proctor involved. The entire test session is recorded with the same streams as in live proctoring and these can be accessed from dashboards and downloaded or requested as necessary. The proctor reviews the recorded test, plays back, fast-forwards (up to 8x speeds), and then flags any dubious activity using time-stamped annotations. This system allows many exams to be conducted simultaneously, unlike live proctoring.

Automated Incident Flagging

Test-takers are monitored by an AI platform, where suspicious behaviours, such as changes in lighting, unusual noises and looking off screen are consistently flagged automatically, so that these can be reviewed afterwards by professionals. Here as well, the audio, video and screenshare feeds of the examinees are recorded during the test.