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About Our Institution

TestFlex is a provider of computerized testing and assessment solution. With over 10 years’ combined experience, TestFlex delivers reliable and valid assessments to education, government and corporate organizations for academic admissions, recruitment, certification, regulatory and employee assessments.

We play a key role in helping leading companies and academic institutions to adopt computer-based assessments as a means to handle large volumes with greater accuracy, speed and ease. We offers convenient testing locations and a secure network and employ a variety of security methodologies within our testing location and offer outstanding customer service while maintaining affordability and confidentially.

We operate a network of company-owned and third-party secure test centers in more than 10 cities of Nigeria dedicated for high stake test. TestFlex’s flexible assessment solutions offer both assessment technology and delivery services giving convenient access, as well as a wide selection of times and dates for testing, to test takers anywhere in Nigeria and the West Africa sub region.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver value-based solutions that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Our Culture

Our people and clients are our most valuable assets. We aim to provide an environment that is comfortable and conducive for staff to be productive, and achieve their full potential. Our attitude to customers and colleagues, from the way we work and to the care for the company’s assets is extremely important in achieving the goals of the organization.

Why Choose Test Flex

Testflex stands alone as having a sterling track record of being able to successfully foresee, plan for, and manage the risk of major assessment projects. We will walk you through the steps of defining project requirements and creating stakeholder buy-in. You will have a transition plan that will serve as an excellent framework for success, sharing best practices and effective strategies along the way, enhancing your testing programme.

We continue to provide a robust solution, including the following key differentiators:

Our continued outstanding client service, including our commitment to make certain that our clients always receive prompt attention to all program issues.

Long-standing staff who are intimately familiar with assessment large-scale assessment projects.

Risk-free application without the burden on the client to manage.

Industry-leading assessment platform that streamline all aspects of the exam process.

Expertise that combines technical excellence with lessons learned from similar projects.