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Skills for English™ now Approved by the UK Home Office Testflex Limited works with PSI to provide computer-based test delivery service in Lagos and 6 other cities in Nigeria.

  On 1st October 2020, PSI Services (PSI)  and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Scotland’s national awarding and accreditation body announced that Skills for English™ language test is now a UKVI-approved Secure English Language Test (SELT). This is a new option for the English language proficiency examination for UK visa applicants in more than 120 countries across the globe. PSI, a global provider of assessment services and leading-edge technology, delivers over 400,000 tests each month for educational institutions, licensing bodies, and certification programs worldwide.

  Janet Garcia, Executive Vice President of PSI’s Global Credentialing Division commented, “This is a major milestone for our Skills for English ™ brand which we created jointly with SQA. The UKVI approval is widely acknowledged as the hallmark of an effective, high-quality qualification and we are thrilled now to be able offer a Skills for English UKVI test  .”

  Skills for English UKVI is equivalent to IELTS (UKVI), and objectively assesses test takers’ English language proficiency in four facets including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Skills for English UKVI is approved by the UK home office. It can be used to apply for UK visas for study, work, immigration, etc.

Testflex in Nigeria is delighted to now be able to offer Skills for English UKVI to test takers planning to apply for a UK Visa.  Should we make a note in the template that we’ll provide a custom quote for each new test center?
 I think it’s a good idea, we’ll include that in the instructions for the template.

Skills for English UKVI has been created to include  distinctive characteristics and advantages over other available SELT tests:
  Test takers choose the test types that best fit their needs. With Skills for English UKVI, test takers can choose the SELT level to take based on the visa types that fit their needs. For instance, if the candidate applies for a family visa, then the skills to be demonstrated are speaking and listening, and the test duration will be 30 minutes. If the candidate applies for a start-up visa, then the 4 facets of speaking, listening, reading, and writing will be included in the test, and the test duration will be extended to 190 minutes. Such detailed differentiation of the test enables the applicants to study English based on personal situations, and the pass rate of the test can be largely improved.

Computer Based Testing improves the security and the testing experience. The reading and listening parts of the Skills for English UKVI test are automatically scored, and the speaking and writing are scored by experts, but all sections of the test are computer based without the sometimes-intimidating presence of a live examiner  . Computer Based Testing also means that Skills for English UKVI tests are easier to schedule and quicker to take; more flexible and convenient all round.

  Skills for English UKVI adopts a Pass/No Pass scoring method. Applicants are required to pass each part of the test to achieve the final test score. Such a simple and clear scoring method is ideal for applicants whose English levels are medium or below. In the past, applicants may have needed to take IELTS multiple times to achieve a high enough passing grade. By taking Skills for English UKVI, test takers only need to get a “Pass” result, which saves time and money during the visa application process.

  The launch of Skills for English UKVI has provided a more simple, convenient, and affordable test option for UK visa applicants.
   Not sure if you like this addition, feel free to reject if not.  Could we also add here other benefits of a CBT, like increased convenience/flexibility, and test security?
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